A cool promotional poster that Amulet/Abrams released, not too long ago …

A cool promotional poster that Amulet/Abrams released, not too long ago …

Coming in January!

Coming in January!


Mac Barnett and Jory John unveil the cover to their forthcoming book The Terrible Two (but not before pulling a prank)!

Read all about the prankish cover reveal here.

Photos by Eric Wolfinger.

McSweeney’s/BuzzFeed mash-‘em-up

mcsweeneys was kind enough to bring my SUGGESTED BUZZFEED ARTICLES (originally published in July, 2012) back to life the other day.

The suggestions were later embraced and used by BuzzFeed, themselves

Perhaps my favorite of the BuzzFeed-enacted items was their image for my suggestion “10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak,” which I’ve posted below.

Anyway, here’s the full McSweeney’s piece.

Happy Alex Trebek’s Birthday!

In honor of the momentous occasion (he’s 73), why don’t we stroll down memory lane with a piece I wrote for McSweeney’s called I knew It Was a Mistake To Go On a Road Trip With Alex Trebek:

Look at this bastard. Sitting over there, gazing out the window, smug as hell. Sure, he knew all four faces on Mount Rushmore while I forgot about Thomas Jefferson for a millisecond… and yes, he knew South Dakota was the 40th state added to the Union, but this madness has got to stop. What was I thinking, agreeing to give Trebek a ride across the country like this? And why did I listen to him and take this insane route? Really, what did I expect from this guy? He’s a total know-it-all and if he corrects my pronunciation on some other trivial matter—a town’s name or a river or something—I swear I’m going to snap. Honestly. He’s going to find himself on the side of a road, explaining why America’s favorite Canadian gameshow host is hitchhiking.